Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Review: Specs, Bed Size, Nozzle Size, Firmware, Print Speed and Tips

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Anycubic, a prominent Chinese brand in the 3D printing industry, offers a range of affordable and reliable 3D printers, catering to hobbyists, professionals, and educators alike. Their product lineup spans from the beginner-friendly Anycubic Photon series for resin printing to the versatile Anycubic Mega series for FDM printing, and up to the advanced Anycubic Predator for large-scale projects.

Anycubic Mega X - 3D Printer Review
Anycubic Mega X – 3D Printer Review

In this detailed review, we delve into the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer, a popular FDM model known for its significant build volume of 300 x 300 x 305 mm. Key features include a dual-gear extruder, filament sensor, touchscreen interface, heated bed, power resume function, and an auto-leveling sensor.

I’ll provide a comprehensive overview of this printer, including its specifications, unboxing and assembly process, design and construction quality, setup and calibration steps, software functionality, printing performance, print quality assessment, noise and heat levels, safety considerations, customer support and community engagement, pricing details, and its overall value proposition. I’ll also share some valuable tips and tricks based on my experience with this printer.

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Key Technical Specifications of Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer

  • Printing Technology: Employs FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) for reliable and efficient printing.
  • Build Volume: Generous 300 x 300 x 305 mm, accommodating large-scale projects.
  • Layer Resolution: Ranges from 0.05 to 0.3 mm, offering versatility in print detail.
  • Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4 mm for balanced print speed and detail.
  • Extruder Type: Features a single extruder design.
  • Filament Diameter: Uses 1.75 mm filament, compatible with various materials.
  • Material Compatibility: Supports a wide range of materials including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, and even Wood.
  • Printing Speed: Adjustable from 20 to 100 mm/s, catering to different printing needs.
  • Temperature Range: Bed temperature maxes at 100°C, while the nozzle reaches up to 250°C.
  • Connectivity Options: Offers SD card and USB cable connectivity.
  • Slicer Software Compatibility: Supports popular slicers like Cura, Repetier-Host, and Simplify3D.
  • File Formats: Accepts STL, OBJ, and AMF file formats.
  • Power Specifications: AC 100 – 240 V input with a DC 24 V, 15 A output.
  • Machine Dimensions and Weight: Measures 500 x 500 x 553 mm and weighs approximately 15 kg.

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Unboxing and Assembly Experience

The Anycubic Mega X arrives in a large, well-organized box containing:

  • Pre-assembled printer base with a heated bed and touchscreen.
  • Gantry with attached extruder and hotend.
  • Spool holder, power cord, USB cable, and SD card with a reader.
  • A comprehensive tool kit for assembly.
  • Additional accessories like a scraper, gloves, and filament sample.
  • User-friendly manual and quick start guide.

Assembly is straightforward, typically taking less than an hour:

  1. Attach the gantry to the base with eight screws.
  2. Connect the labeled wires.
  3. Install the spool holder.
  4. Level the bed using the auto-leveling sensor.

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Design and Build Quality Insights

The Anycubic Mega X boasts a robust metal frame, ensuring stability and longevity. Its large footprint requires ample space, and at 15 kg, it’s not easily movable. Key design features include:

  • A minimalist, responsive touchscreen for easy control.
  • A filament sensor to pause prints when filament issues arise.
  • A dual-gear extruder offering precision and torque, enhanced with a cooling fan.
  • A modular hotend design for easy part replacement or upgrades.
  • A heated glass bed with ultrabase coating, complemented by manual leveling knobs.

In summary, the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer stands out with its large build volume, diverse material support, and user-friendly features, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of 3D printing applications.

The Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer is designed for straightforward setup and calibration, making it user-friendly for both beginners and experienced users.

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Effortless Setup and Calibration

  1. Auto-Leveling Feature: Utilize the auto-leveling sensor which efficiently measures and adjusts for any unevenness across nine different points on the bed.
    • Simply preheat the nozzle and bed to your desired temperatures.
    • Navigate to Tools > Leveling > Auto Leveling on the touchscreen.
    • Allow the printer to complete the leveling process, then save your settings.
  2. Test Print for Calibration: A test file is included on the SD card to evaluate the calibration and print quality. This file, typically a cube with the Anycubic logo, takes about 15 minutes to print and serves as a good indicator of setup accuracy.

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Software Integration and Usage

  • Included Slicer Software – Cura:
    • Cura comes preloaded on the SD card, offering extensive customization for print settings.
    • It includes a preset profile for the Anycubic Mega X, which you can use as-is or modify.
    • To use Cura, install it on your computer, load your model, select the Anycubic Mega X profile, adjust settings, and save the G-code.
  • Compatibility with 3D Design Software:
    • Tinkercad: Ideal for beginners, this free online tool allows you to craft simple 3D models.
    • Fusion 360: Suited for professional-grade design, enabling the creation of intricate models.
    • Thingiverse: Access a vast community-driven library of free 3D models suitable for various applications.
  • Support for Various Slicing Software:
    • Repetier-Host: A flexible option for managing multiple printers and editing G-code files.
    • Simplify3D: Offers advanced slicing features and optimization tools (premium software).

In summary, the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer stands out for its ease of setup and calibration, complemented by robust software support. Whether you’re preparing your first print or looking to fine-tune complex models, the Mega X and its compatible software offer the flexibility and precision needed for a wide range of 3D printing projects.

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Printing Performance of Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer

The Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer showcases impressive versatility and efficiency across various printing materials and conditions. Here’s an in-depth look at its performance, print quality, and safety aspects.

Diverse Material Handling and Performance:

  • PLA Printing: Exhibits excellent results with PLA, known for its ease of printing. The printer achieves smooth finishes without warping or stringing, using a nozzle temperature of 200°C, a bed temperature of 60°C, and a printing speed of 60 mm/s.
  • ABS Printing: Handles the more challenging ABS material, requiring higher temperatures and a controlled environment to mitigate warping or cracking. Settings used include a nozzle temperature of 240°C, bed temperature of 100°C, and a speed of 50 mm/s.
  • TPU Printing: Successfully prints TPU, known for its flexibility and toughness. Settings include a nozzle temperature of 220°C, bed temperature of 60°C, and a slower speed of 30 mm/s for optimal results.
  • PETG Printing: Demonstrates proficiency in printing PETG, combining the strengths of PLA and ABS, with minimal issues related to warping or stringing. The printer is set to a nozzle temperature of 230°C, bed temperature of 80°C, and speed of 50 mm/s.

Key Features Noted:

  • Smooth filament feeding mechanism.
  • Efficient cooling fan for enhanced print quality.
  • Filament sensor for detecting runouts or breaks.
  • Large build volume for bigger prints or multiple small prints.
  • Power resume function for continuity after power interruptions.

Print Quality Assessment:

  • Benchy Test: The Mega X produces a detailed Benchy boat with minor issues like slight drooping in overhangs and minimal stringing.
  • XYZ Calibration Cube: Accurately prints a 20 x 20 x 20 mm cube, with precision close to a hair’s breadth, and flawless layer alignment.
  • All In One 3D Printer Test: Excels in complex tests, accurately printing tiny gaps, overhangs, intricate patterns, and clear text.

Noise and Safety Evaluation:

  • Noise Level: Operates at a moderate noise level, comparable to a casual conversation or a running computer.
  • Heat Management: Efficiently handles heat, with the bed reaching up to 100°C and the nozzle up to 250°C, suitable for a variety of materials.
  • Safety Considerations:
    • Power resume feature for interrupted prints.
    • Visible wiring and components that require careful handling.
    • High-temperature parts like the nozzle and bed pose burn risks.
    • Potential emission of fumes and particles during printing.
  • Safety Tips:
    • Ensure supervision during printing.
    • Keep away from children and pets.
    • Print in a well-ventilated area.
    • Use protective gear like gloves and safety glasses.
    • Consider additional ventilation solutions like fans or filters.

In conclusion, the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer impresses with its ability to handle various materials and produce high-quality prints. While it maintains a user-friendly noise level, users should be mindful of safety, especially regarding heat management and potential emissions. Following these safety tips can ensure a secure and enjoyable printing experience.

Customer Support and Community for Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer

Embrace the comprehensive support system and the thriving community surrounding the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer. Whether you encounter challenges or simply seek knowledge, numerous resources are at your disposal.

Direct Support from Anycubic:

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Reach out to Anycubic’s responsive team for any queries, technical support, or warranty-related issues.
  • One-Year Warranty: Benefit from a one-year warranty that covers your printer, ensuring peace of mind and reliability.
  • Multiple Contact Channels: Connect with Anycubic via email, phone calls, or social media platforms for prompt assistance.

Engage with the Anycubic Community:

  • Facebook Group: Join the official Anycubic Facebook group for updates, tips, and peer interactions.
  • Reddit Forum: Participate in Anycubic’s dedicated subreddit, a hub for discussions and shared experiences.
  • YouTube Channel: Explore Anycubic’s YouTube channel for informative videos, tutorials, and more.

Broaden Your Horizons in the 3D Printing Community:

  • 3D Printing Stack Exchange: Tap into this extensive Q&A platform for any 3D printing queries you might have.
  • Thingiverse: Discover a vast collection of free 3D models shared by a global community of enthusiasts.
  • PrusaPrinters: Similar to Thingiverse, with additional resources like guides and tutorials for a deeper understanding.
  • All3DP: Keep abreast of the latest in the 3D printing world, including news, tips, and comprehensive reviews.

Whether you’re seeking support, inspiration, or knowledge, the Anycubic Mega X community and the wider 3D printing ecosystem offer invaluable resources for every user. Dive in and enjoy the rich experiences of the 3D printing community!

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Price and Value for Money

Competitive Pricing:

  • Retail Price: The Anycubic Mega X is priced at $399 on the official Anycubic website, a competitive rate considering its array of features and robust printing capabilities.

What You Get in the Package:

  • Essential Accessories: The package includes a filament spool holder, a comprehensive toolkit for setup and maintenance, and a scraper for easy print removal.
  • Safety and Guides: You’ll find a pair of gloves for protection, a user manual, and a quick start guide to ease you into the printing process.
  • Ready to Print: The box also contains a test filament sample and an SD card complete with a card reader and preloaded software for your 3D models.

Available Upgrades:

  • BLTouch Sensor: For effortless bed leveling.
  • Titan Extruder: Enhances filament feeding efficiency.
  • Dual Extruder Option: Ideal for multi-color or multi-material printing.

Market Comparison:

  • Rivals: When compared with similar models like the Creality CR-10 V2, Ender 5 Plus, and Artillery Sidewinder X1, the Anycubic Mega X holds its own in terms of features versus price.
  • Personal Preferences: The best choice depends on individual needs and preferences in a 3D printer.

In summary, the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer emerges as an attractive option for both newcomers and experienced users in the 3D printing world, offering a rich set of features at a price that promises value for money.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on any links and make a purchase, we’ll get a small commission, at no cost to you.

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Pros and Cons

To summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer, here are the pros and cons of the printer:

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Pros:

  • Large build volume of 300 x 300 x 305 mm
  • High print quality and resolution
  • Versatile materials support
  • Dual-gear extruder
  • Filament sensor
  • Touch screen
  • Heated bed
  • Power resume function
  • Auto-leveling sensor
  • Easy assembly and operation
  • Affordable price
  • Good customer support and community

Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer Cons:

  • Large footprint and weight
  • Moderate noise level
  • Exposed wires and electronics
  • Hot parts and fumes
  • Slight stringing

Additional Tips and Tricks for Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer

Maximize the potential of your Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer with these tried-and-tested tips and tricks, honed from extensive use:

Effective Bed Adhesion Strategies:

  • Improve Adhesion: For tricky materials like ABS or PETG, use a glue stick or hairspray to enhance bed adhesion and ensure a smooth first layer.
  • Warping Prevention: Utilize a brim or raft for large or flat models to prevent warping and ensure dimensional accuracy.

Optimizing Print Quality and Speed:

  • Detail Enhancement: Opt for a lower layer height or slower speed for intricate details or complex curves, enhancing the print’s overall quality.
  • Time-Saving Techniques: For larger or simpler models, increase the layer height or printing speed to cut down on print time.
  • Strength vs. Filament Efficiency: Adjust infill density and perimeter count based on the model’s purpose – higher for functional parts, lower for decorative pieces.

Advanced Printing Techniques:

  • Support for Complex Designs: Implement supports or rafts for models with challenging overhangs or bridges over 45 degrees.
  • Nozzle Variability: Experiment with different nozzle sizes – smaller nozzles (0.2 mm) for finer details and larger nozzles (0.6 mm) for quicker, coarser prints.
  • Creative Multi-Color/Material Printing: Explore multi-color or multi-material prints by manually swapping filaments or upgrading to a dual extruder.

Final Thoughts on Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer

Reflect on what the Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer brings to the table and determine if it aligns with your 3D printing needs:

Top Reasons to Choose the Anycubic Mega X:

  • Spacious Build Area: Its large build volume is perfect for sizable projects or simultaneous multiple prints.
  • Value for Money: Given its features and performance, the Mega X offers excellent value at its price point.
  • User-Friendly Experience: From setup to printing, the process is straightforward, augmented by helpful tools and functions.
  • Versatility: Ideal for various users, including hobbyists, professionals, and educators, thanks to its adaptable nature.
  • Material Compatibility: Excellently handles a wide range of filaments, delivering sharp and detailed prints.

Points to Consider:

  • Room for Improvement: Like any technology, it comes with its own set of quirks, many of which can be addressed through simple modifications or upgrades.
  • Safety Awareness: As with all 3D printers, be cautious of high-temperature parts and ensure proper handling to avoid risks.
  • Maintenance Requirement: Regular upkeep and occasional calibration are essential for maintaining its performance.

Final Verdict:

The Anycubic Mega X 3D Printer emerges as a formidable contender in the mid-range 3D printer market, balancing quality and affordability. It caters well to a broad spectrum of users, making it a compelling option for anyone looking to delve into the world of 3D printing without breaking the bank. If you’re in search of a reliable, versatile 3D printer that won’t let your budget skyrocket, the Mega X deserves your attention.

We hope these insights enhance your 3D printing endeavors with the Anycubic Mega X. Stay tuned for the latest tech news, and if you found this guide helpful, consider liking and sharing this article!

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